Systems & equipment introduction

Systems & Equipment Introduction

At Pro-Bel, we realize that our reputation is forever linked to the quality of our products. For this reason, whether standard issue or custom-made, all of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured using only superior materials and the highest level of workmanship. Made to comply with all regional and international regulations, our products are guaranteed to meet and exceed your every suspended maintenance requirement, providing your workers with invaluable safety and peace of mind.

Davit Systems

Davit Systems

A davit system consists of two primary components, a base and an arm. The base is a permanent fixture

Outrigger Beam Systems

Outrigger Beam

Pro-Bel designs and engineers a wide range of structurally secured outrigger beam systems that accommodate all


For buildings with hard-to-reach or otherwise inaccessible exterior or interior glass, Pro-Bel recommends the installation of a

Rigging Sleeve Systems

Rigging Sleeve

Pro-Bel engineers a wide array of rigging sleeve products in order to provide a solution to every conceivable job problem encountered on the job site. In general, rigging sleeves allow for the safe and convenient access to primary suspension lines and lifelines through roofs, floors, walls or any other building element. Rigging sleeve systems are only recommended when all other forms of suspended maintenance systems proves insufficient. In the event that suspension lines (or worker lifelines) cannot circumvent a building’s permanent architectural characteristics, the only remaining option is to pass through them. This unique advantage is only available through the exceptional engineering of the Pro-Bel rigging sleeve system.

Horizontal Cable Lifeline Systems

Horizontal Cable Lifeline

For workers that require safe horizontal mobility over long distances within the proximity of a vertical drop, single-point

Horizontal Trolley Rail

When workers require horizontal mobility when working or rigging within close range of an unprotected vertical drop

Permanent powered platforms

Permanent Powered Platforms

At Pro-Bel, we’ve come to accept that no two buildings are ever exactly alike. Individual building design and unique architectural characteristics can often create the necessity for custom-made window cleaning solutions. In such cases, we recommend the installation of a permanent powered platform, outfitted with special features (including articulation and telescoping) that are expressly designed to help workers in reaching areas of the building that would be otherwise inaccessible. Furthermore, permanent powered platforms are equipped with additional safety features over and above the requirements for non-permanent platforms in compliance with the standards set forth by OSHA.

Building Maintenance Units

Powered Roof Cars

Dedicated to a specific building and owner purchased, Pro-Bel roof car systems and generation of suspended