Wall Anchor Accessory – 2 Piece Box Flashing

  • This BF2 box flashing is used for three or four stud adhesive anchors, typically anchors in the PB48 series with 4″ x 9″ plates.
  • This flashing is used if the exact depth of the opening is not known.
  • The two-piece configuration allows for adjustment of the flashing to match the opening’s depth.

Download our Safety and Tie Back Anchors Brochure here for more information.

See Product Size Variations below.


Product Size Chart

Below is a chart of our standard sizes. More are available upon enquiry.

Model No. Wall Exterior Thk. Hole Size Material
SA-BF2-G1005340 3 – 5 1/2″ 7/8″ Galv. Steel