High-rise safety is primarily a design issue, not an equipment selection issue alone. There is not a building

General Contractors

At Pro-Bel we understand that General Contractors are juggling a dozen priorities at once and in this fast-paced environment, it is critical to select and trade partner who intimately understands this. At Pro-Bel we manage over 800 projects a year and we can ensure that our scope for your projects is completed on schedule, on budget and up to code. …

Building Owners & Property Managers

As a Building Owner or Manager, your rooftop is a workplace that must be made safe for those working at heights. It almost goes without saying, that Window Washing and Suspended Access work for those working at height is a risky business, but can be conducted safely when a sound and functional Window Washing, Suspended Access and Fall Protection system …


Engineers inquiring about Pro-Bel’s products and services must understand that the design and installation of fall

Industrial Facility Managers

Pro-Bel offers fall protection systems that cover three important areas: 1. Fall Protection 2. Fall Prevention (Travel Restraint) 3. Fall Arrest Fall protection is the elimination or effective control of fall hazards. Fall prevention is the reasonable protection of personnel from accidental falls on the same level and deals with floors, wall, guardrails, and other physical barriers. Fall arrest deals …

General Industry

Many industries whose employees work at height rely on safe, reliable suspended maintenance access and fall