Wall Anchor – Cast in Place Flush Mounted – Recessed

  • This flush-mounted wall anchor is fully embedded in concrete. It is used where the flush-mounted application is required (i.e. no toe hold for climbing over public terrace parapet).
  • An optional snap-on cap is designed for this anchor (see SA-KVR-A09031).
  • The benefit of this anchor is that it does not protrude through the formwork and therefore does not require cutouts.
  • This anchor may not be used if the concrete is covered with roofing material.

Download our Safety and Tie Back Anchors Brochure here for more information.

See Product Size Variations below.



Product Size Chart

Below is a chart of our standard sizes. More are available upon enquiry.

Model No. Wall Thickness Min. Box Depth Bar Length
FA-PB68S-15 6″ 4-1/2″ 15″