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Pro-Bel offers a FREE Design Service. Our free design service includes a layout, details, and specification. Our designs meet local, state/provincial and national codes and standards. Whether you require a design for window washing equipment, fall protection or building maintenance, we can help you.

In order to complete a typical design, we require the following architectural plans: roof plan, floor plans, elevations, and wall sections. Sending a structural roof plan will help us to design the system to work with your planned structure when possible. We may occasionally require additional drawings when unique conditions are present.

Window washing equipment and fall protection system design is a highly specialized area. Liability related to the high risk nature of such systems is a serious concern for anyone designing a system.

Adding to the concern are the various Codes and Standards related to window washing equipment and fall protection systems. ANSI-I14 is a leading standard in the USA while OSHA has several code requirements. Additionally, there are state regulations such as New York Code Rule 21 and CAL-OSHA. In Canada, CSA Standards has very strict requirements relating to such equipment. In addition to national standards, there are also regional requirements with their own regulations, such as the Ontario Ministry of Labour and British Columbia WCB rules and regulations.

There are two common misconceptions related to the design of window washing equipment. The first is that there is a standardized system. It is important to understand that each building is different and requires an individual and unique approach to design. The second misconception is that a design must only meet the applicable Codes and Standards. While it is crucial that a design meet all codes and standards it is all important that the system work. It is not uncommon to see a design that meets code requirements but will not allow a contractor to perform their duties effectively. It is important that designers have an in depth knowledge of how building maintenance workers will use the equipment.

Pro-Bel's experience allows us to offer up to $10,000,000.00 in product liability insurance and up to $5,000,000.00 in errors and omissions liability insurance on each project. Our systems keep workers safe.

Pro-Bel has been in business for 40 years. We have completed more than 17,350 projects and manage over 800 projects annually. We are highly specialized in window washing equipment and fall protection systems. We design, engineer, manufacture, install, inspect and certify a vast line of window washing equipment and fall protection systems. Some of our products include Roof Anchors, Davits, Rigging Sleeves, Horizontal Lifelines, Outrigger Beams, and Permanent Powered Platforms. To learn more about our products listed above or additional products you can visit our Systems section of the website.

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