The Roof Anchor

There are many different types of equipment that are installed for window washing, suspended maintenance, and fall protection.  They can include (but are not limited to):

  • roof anchors,
  • wall anchors,
  • soffit anchors,
  • davits,
  • rigging sleeves,
  • horizontal trolley’s,
  • monorail,
  • gantry’s and
  • roof cars.

With all the customized equipment out there – nine times out of ten it is a simple roof anchor that gets the job done!

Different companies (around the globe) use different styles of roof anchors that are each unique in their own way.  A vertical steel pier anchor is the most common and are all pretty much the same.  It is usually the actual tie-off (or anchorage point) that varies.  Some companies utilize a swivel head U-bar that actually points horizontal (perpendicular) to the pier and can swivel while others have fixed “U-bars” or “eyelets”.  These point vertical such as in the picture shown below.  The material’s used from pier, U-bar, and hardware can vary in material from galvanized to stainless steel (depending on the project specifications) although stainless steel piers are not used very often due to cost.


These (steel pier) anchors can be installed to accommodate three different styles of systems: window washing, suspended maintenance, and fall protection.

Roof Anchor

Window Washing

Window washers can utilize anchor points to suspend themselves adjacent to the building facade to perform window washing operations.  This is commonly done on a bosun’s chair but can also be performed on swing stages as well.

Suspended Maintenance

Companies performing facade maintenance such as brick restoration, window caulking, or balcony repair can utilize anchor points to suspend the platform (swing stage) that they work from.

Fall Protection

Workers can utilize either individual, localized anchor points or a horizontal lifeline cable system to prevent them from falling (travel restraint) or save them from hitting the ground (fall arrest) in the event they do fall.

Often the simplest approach is the best one and window washing, suspended maintenance, and fall protection systems are no exception.

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