Rental Davit Arms vs Project Davit Arms For Construction Purposes

New construction often requires davit arms for trade contractors to gain access to the exterior of building facades to complete suspended work. Due to liability and warranty constraints, the general contractor may not be in a position to “lend” these arms to trade contractors for their temporary use. In these instances, Pro-Bel offers the following solutions:
Rental Davit Arms is the best solution for facilitating the construction work of various trades. Rental arms used during suspended construction work often experience heavy wear and tear.
The benefits of using Rental Construction Davit Arms are that they are economical, durable and engineer certified (re certified after each project cycle). Cost is dependent upon application, size, rental duration, and other project specific factors.
Project Davit Arms can facilitate light maintenance work such as glazing, caulking, and painting but are not designed for heavy construction. These arms can suffer significant damage if misused; and in such cases, will need to be inspected, tested and repaired at an extra cost. Or, in some instances, the arms could be overloaded and damaged beyond repair.
In the event the general contractor decides to use the Project Davit Arms, these arms will require inspection and re-certification by a Pro-Bel engineer before being placed back into service. Additional charges for inspection and re-certification will apply.

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