• Bridgepoint Health 1

    Images Courtesy of Stantec

  • Bridgepoint Health

14 St. Matthews Rd. Toronto, ON
10 Storeys
General Contractors: PCL Constructors
Architects: Stantec Architecture
Pro-Bel services provided: Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply and Install, and Inspection

Affiliated with the University of Toronto, Bridgepoint Health is the first ever hospital in Canada to be built specifically for patients with complex, often long term health conditions. The building itself is a modern architectural achievement inspired by the research and innovation that Bridgepoint is dedicated to. The façade of the building features protruding sections, giving it a stacked, geometric appearance. Located near the Don River Valley and Riverdale Park, the facility offers views as well as easy physical access to both nature destinations, as well as a view of the Toronto skyline. You can watch a video of the building by Stantec Architecture here.

Pro-Bel Technical Solution

Our team designed a combination of monorail systems, roof anchors and davits to provide fall protection and full façade access for window washing and maintenance. Four (4)  monorail systems are fitted underneath level 6 overhangs on all 4 elevations of the façade, and a roof anchor system is installed for the use of pin down outrigger beams at the northern facade. The majority of the facade is serviced from levels 10 through 12. A davit system is designed for part of the eastern side of the building in order to reach past protruding sections. To ensure safe access to the monorails below level 6, horizontal lifeline systems are designed around the perimeter of level 5. The façade is also fitted with intermittent stabilization anchors (ISA’s / Stabilization buttons) for safe vertical travel.

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