Monde condos

Monde Condos


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200 Queens Quay E. Toronto, ON
44 Storeys
Developer: Great Gulf
Architects: Safdie Architects
Pro-Bel services provided: Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Supply and Install

Monde is an innovative, 44 storeys tall green condo overlooking the Toronto waterfront. It’s ground-breaking “Garden in the Sky” design philosophy represents the future of sustainable city living. The building features cascading terraces, 2 stories of landscaped green space, and balconies that protrude out from the façade in a staggering pattern, alternating every other floor.  

Pro-Bel Technical Solution

The Fall Protection and Window washing system for Monde was designed to be a seamless integration into the condo’s unique architectural elements and sustainability driven design.  Pro-Bel designed a custom Building Maintenance Unit to service the 44 storey tower, and a davit and anchor system to service the 10 storey podium extension.

The Monde Building Maintenance Unit (BMU for short, and also known as a roof car) features a bespoke 3 module cradle that can support 3 workers at a time and can be manually adapted to fit the multiple overhangs that define the exterior of the condo. The BMU’s telescopic arm has a maximum outreach of 36m and a minimum of 11m, allowing the machine to service all sides of the tower.

The extended podium levels are serviced by a series of davits and anchors on levels 4 through 10. The system is designed to provide safe access to the entire façade including overhangs created by the balconies and green terraces. We designed recessed balcony anchors and davits with cover plates for levels 4 through 9. Some balconies required rigging sleeves and line redirectors. On level 10, we designed fall protection wall anchors and a Horizontal Lifeline system around the perimeter. The tower is also fitted with intermittent stabilization anchors (ISA’s / stabilization buttons) for the BMU, allowing for safe vertical travel.

Below is a rendering that provides a general depiction of a Pro-Bel BMU (this is not the Monde BMU). It depicts a smaller design on a track around the perimeter of the roof. 

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