Amber Condos 1

Amber Condos

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    Amber Condos 2

    Photo courtesy of Pinnacle International

5025-5033 Four Springs Ave. Mississauga
23 & 26 Storey Towers
General Contractor: Pinnacle Int'l
Architect: Turner Fleischer
Pro-Bel services provided: Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Supply and Install

Located on the corner of Hurontario and Eglinton in Mississauga, Amber is a 2 tower initiative part of larger plans to transform the suburban city into a thriving metropolis. At 26 and 23 storeys tall, the condos are a rendition of what has now become a classic residential high rise design philosophy: a podium for retail space, columns of uniform balconies, and a public terrace with green space. 

Pro-Bel Technical Solution

Our team designed a davit system for both towers to ensure suspended platform can reach past the protruding balconies. For separate and independent tie off  we designed a separate anchor system for workers’ lifelines; which then required the provision of portable line redirectors for the highest balconies on each side of the towers. Line redirectors simply ensures the lifeline (safety line) is not resting on the balcony and potentially causing structural damage. The areas of the buildings with no balconies only require bosun’s chair work, so they are serviced with simple safety anchor. Finally, intermittent stabilization anchors (ISA’s / stabilization buttons) are installed on the façade to ensure safe vertical travel. Workers simply connect to these buttons to stabilize themselves as they perform suspended platform work stabilization for a bosons chair can be completed using suction cups.

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